As part of the eye health exam, the prescription is determined and modified based on individual needs. All prescription glasses should always be made with an up-to-date prescription – not an expired one. In our office, we have licensed Opticians to help you choose a frame style that looks best on you, fits you well and works best for the lens prescription and design that is unique for you and your needs. We look at each person as an individual and prescribe what is right for you.


Maximize Comfort & Vision

When you pick up your glasses, and wear them every day, it is important that they fit properly to maximize comfort and vision. Poorly fit glasses can cause blurry, double vision, headaches and discomfort. To properly fit glasses, it must be done in person by our licensed Opticians. In our office, we would do this on a daily basis, if need be, to ensure your satisfaction.

2 Year Warranty

2 Year Warranty

Also, you may be surprised to find that if you compare the exact same product in our office to another location, our prices are comparable or less. We believe in carrying only quality, well-constructed products. We do not carry discontinued or cheaply manufactured frames or lenses. If you have difficulty with your glasses or are dissatisfied for any reason – we will make changes to ensure your happiness. All of our frames have a 2 year warranty that we stand behind.

Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

When you purchase your contact lenses from us, we will recommend the best brands available for your individual needs and activities. We will ensure a proper fit, teach you how to use and care for them, provide follow up care on a regular basis and make changes with new technology when necessary.


Don't Trust Your Eyes to Anyone

Even if you have worn contacts for years, the fit of the contact lens and the health of the eye, related to wearing the contact lens, should be assessed.

The risk of serious infection was found to be five times higher in people that purchased their contact lenses online or without contact lens assessments and follow-up.

The College of Opticians, the College of Optometry, the Canadian Association of Optometrists and the Ontario Association of Opticians all strongly caution against buying glasses and contacts online. Your eye health and vision are too important.