Our Eye Exam

The vision and eye health assessment at our office can be broken down into 2 parts.

Part 1

Vision Examination

The first part is the vision examination

It involves the use of lenses to determine the best prescription and vision possible for each individual patient.

Specific testing involved

Complete medical and ocular history

Visual acuity (sight testing)

Binocular vision evaluation (how the 2 eyes work together)

Refraction (precise prescription determination)

Internal and external ocular examination with pupil dilation if required (for the detection of eye

diseases and signs of possible systemic diseases such as: hypertension, diabetes, macular degeneration, and glaucoma)

Eye pressure evaluation

Final diagnosis, recommendation and prescription

Part 2

Eye Health Examination

Second, is the eye health examination

Having 20/20 vision is no guarantee of having healthy eyes. This portion involves diagnostic eye health tests that allow the doctor to evaluate the present and future status of the eyes. The necessary follow up along with further testing required is the basis of preventative eye care. A prescription will be issued so that individual eye wear recommendations can be made.

Additional Testing

Visual Field Measurement and Assessment

Advanced/Thorough Glaucoma Screening


Contact Lens Medical Management

Digital Retinal Imaging/Fundus Photography

Pachymetry/Corneal Thickness Measurement

No Obligation Laser Vision Correction Consultation